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Introduction to Wax Carving and Lost Wax Casting 

Hallie waxing a ring
Silver castings

This 3 day, 12 hour, workshop includes making wax models using hard and soft waxes, preparing to cast your model, and all the steps to a finished piece.  Demos include wax working, investing, burn out, and centrifugal casting. You’ll select one of your models to cast in sterling silver, which we will do for you during the week between classes.  And on the third day of class you will be refining your casting with files, burs, abrasive wheels, and polish the finished product. 


Extra costs:  The cost of your sterling silver.


Please note:  Before taking this Three-day Casting Workshop you must have some knowledge of basic silversmithing techniques, tools and equipment.

A Wax Carving and Lost Wax Casting class will be offered in the near future.  Please let us know if you are interested.

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