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Hallie and Stan Katz

Upon entering HumanArts you immediately notice the colors, textures, the skillfully made art and crafts. And everything is completely handmade by over 130 amazing American artists (with two or three from outside the U.S. as well.) A visual treasure trove, from fun and funky to serious and elegant, this is what keeps people coming back.

Since opening in 1975, the momentum has grown and many loyal clients visit regularly to purchase unique items for their personal collections or for gifts.

Beyond the visual appreciation, it’s the owners, Hallie and Stan Katz, and their friendly staff that make it more than an ordinary shopping experience. They’re happy to share information about the artists, gift wrap a special present, or give you directions to a local hiking trail or favorite lunch spot.

David Marsh’s handmade colorful pine furniture is a big part of the collection - we’ve shown his fun, functional, folk-art furniture since 1995, and it remains very popular with HumanArts aficionados.

We have always been known for a great selection of interesting jewelry. Some is arty and very affordable – it may be made from non-precious materials such as copper wire, stainless steel mesh, aluminum, clay and even paper.

There’s a variety of gold and silver designs and wedding rings, as well. And we offer a custom design service. Make an appointment with Hallie, our resident jeweler, and she can design a special piece for you, or turn your old gold and gemstones into something contemporary and wonderful.

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